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Why SEO is important

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Why SEO is important for small business owners like yourself because your business looking to be found in the ultra-competitive niche that you’re in. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the best way of taking the fight to the big boys no longer are you gonna be shoved around in this digital marketing place.

The time to fight is now and it could be more important to your business than it is. The importance of SEO has been a point of debate for several years for every guru that believes SEO is dead.  

We will show you things that say it’s absolutely necessary, constant SEO usage is on an ever-increasing rise the popularity is immense and the results can be game-changing.

Why SEO is Important
Why SEO is Important

Why SEO is important and its process

Why SEO is important because SEO is the process of helping your website appearing the results of search engines like Google. It requires knowledge of the ever-changing search engine algorithms which can be confusing to say the least because of this most people have very little understanding of what it takes to rank highly in these search engines.

Even search engine optimizer people that work to make the sites and pages appear in search engine results or sometimes to sometimes confused by page rankings because search engines aren’t exactly candid when it comes to algorithm updates this makes website SEO challenging.

It often requires constant updates so as all of this effort worth it is the time spent researching keywords carefully placed again in title tags headers and meta descriptions and creating great content.

People use the Internet and enter millions of keywords daily. The Internet has become one method for consumers to get the answers to their everyday questions you know that you have to excel it meeting your customers’ needs in the places where their target audience to spend their time.

The place where the majority of consumers spend at least some time every day is on the Internet where the customers begin their journey yep you guessed it Google Bing and Yahoo when a user types in a question they are rewarded with endless selection of websites specifically designed to answer their query.

Website SEO Analysis

Important SEO Components

There are three important SEO components in why SEO is important that affect the information that a user sees in their customized search results location when searching for information.

Search engines track that location of the user performing the search this can be a GPS connection on a cell phone or as simple as the IP address on your personal computer this is especially impact full if the user inserts the location for their search term.

Google has done an incredible job of tracking how Internet users find and interact with the information available to them.On the web you’d likely notice that as you search for things on the web personalized advertisements pop up on the websites that you visit.

For example yesterday you may have been searching for a Coleman grill and today while scrolling through cat photos on Facebook your news feed probably has interrupted by an ad alerting you for a once-in-a-lifetime deal for a top-of-the-line golden grill at Sears coincidence.

I think not the Internet has gained a memory thanks to cookies and adware SEO performed by companies after you make your way to the results of the pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo. The information that’s laid out in front of you is the result of an incredibly competitive sport known as SEO in a nutshell.

why seo is important for business
Why SEO is important for Business

Competition in SEO

Companies are competing for your attention in every way known to man and you get a front-row seat to the Super Bowl CL page one Google, Yahoo and Bing are fiercely competitive they want to earn their search loyalty and if a website is failing to deliver relevant easy-to-read answers to the questions you’re typing into the search box they won’t do business with that site in the future.

They need your customers to get the information they need quickly so they’ll keep searching with their site if you know how websites operated you may be able to understand the rich benefits of SEO. In the digital environment today competitiveness is key.

How can you connect with your customers?

So how can you connect with the users who can potentially become your customers, the best way is with SEO even though it requires time and energy it’s worth doing and doing right digital marketing experts know Why SEO is Important for your business

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing field while SEO is started out as a marketers game, if we have become a developer’s game in 2020 with machine learning and algorithms becoming much more complex, SEO is more technical in nature than any of us have ever imagined, however the downside is that it excludes people who are not so techie.

If you have pop-ups or your site isn’t easy to use with horrible or hard to click menus it’s time to fix that anything that makes the user experience better to ranking speed, how fast your website loads and it needs it now more than ever programs like Google AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages.

Why is SEO important
Why is SEO important

Do WordPress site help in answering Why SEO is important?

The quicker a site loads the better it will be treated in the search results whether it’s simply making your site run faster or adding an amp plug in to your WordPress site you have a wordpress site don’t you there’s no excuse for not doing this. The longer you make your customers wait the less time that they will leave your website and go on to the next Business.

Analytics understandable and straightforward analytics are key to understanding how your site is performing, data makes the world go round so make sure you have analytics on hand to track down site problems or ways you could be doing things better understanding good analytics will be your best friend in the digital battleground you only need to pick three or four key metrics and measure them over time metrics like time on site, keyword usage, conversions or organic traffic to your website will be invaluable

Internet privacy and security should be at the front of your mind right now, what does that have to do with SEO well the best offense is a good defense Google now warns people that sites that they’re visiting are not secure while Google has not come and promised to punish psych results for not being secured it is very possible that that day may be on the horizon Google doesn’t want to return results that cannot be trusted and SSL is the easiest way to find and build that trust.

If you don’t is it already moving to an SSL certificate now make sure that your site is not sitting in the penalty box later that’s it simple right for the vast majority of business owners like yourself. You know the value of customer acquisition with this easy-to-follow guide you can get yourself started in the right direction with SEO.

Conclusion about Why SEO is important

You now have a better understanding on how these steps fit together in your marketing plan you know how and when you can get new or more customers into your business.

Remember  you’re the only one that can do this nobody else has SEO expert or customer acquisition expert in their job description if you don’t have a full understanding of this who will and if you don’t know how to do this who on your company will this aspect of your business starts and ends with you. So take a step out of your comfort zone and acknowledge the critical importance of SEO marketing in this new era.