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Why does SEO take so long

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The question is why does SEO take so long? and the answer is Search engine optimization is a digital marketing tactics to enhance the visibility of your site. But this visibility does not come so easily, the way you are expecting. Maybe the first month goes by and nothing happens in terms of rankings and deliverable. What’s the reason for the delay in success?

Why does SEO take so long?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the term given to activity that attempts to enhance computer program ranking wherever Google displays links to pages that it considers relevant and authoritative. 

Thus it’s up to us to make pages which will be thought-about authority pages so that Google promotes authority pages to the highest of its ranking and SEO ensures the visibility of the website in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what site is providing. Sounds simple. 

Making a site with quality content hiring best SEO company who helps you in putting relevant keywords and phrases to get higher rankings in search engines and then bingo! You are all set to get the sweet taste of success immediately this also answers #1 question why does SEO take so long

Does this happen? Do you get success immediately? You might be disappointed to know, that it takes time. It takes time to reach the top of the search engine rankings and immediately you start reaping the benefits

why does SEO take so long
Why does SEO take so long

SEO back, then and now. Why does SEO take so long facts

Back then search engine optimization was a simple matter of finding a few keywords that had the potential to generate traffic to your website. Then optimization of the websites for those terms and building as many links as possible. 

Why does SEO take so long because it’s very much a mechanical process. Even though the companies used these tactics achieved success more or less immediately but the success could not help them to stay at the top for long. 

But now the situation is completely different. Yes, the steps remained the same, intention too remained the same, that is to achieve higher rankings and deliverables, but the situation is completely different. 

You will find, the success of the website is not guaranteed within a month but four to eight months. To be precise six to twelve months.

Does SEO takes so long as six to twelve months?

Sounds depressing? Well, it differs. May be some websites start seeing results within four months, but the variables are there to look for which play in and around your website. 

There are many such variables in why does SEO take so long and these are like the age of your domain and website, website design, the relevance of your content to those words or the keywords and topics relevant to you. 

There are other factors too such as geographic location, competition, social activity and the amount of time the average user stays on the site. These above factors matter an impact on the length of time, but some elements can speed up your results.

why does SEO takes so long

What your competitors are doing

Besides the above variables, there is one major factor that can take search engine optimization so long and it revolves around what your competitors are doing. 

Your competitors too doing search engine optimization actively. So what we need to do here? First of all, we need to determine the speed at which your competition “driving”? Secondly, how much time do you need precisely to catch up based on the budget you have set to SEO. 

It is not simply the way you are thinking. There may be a change in the algorithm or maybe your competitors accelerated their SEO efforts. Even it can be possible that you are producing high-quality content that is driving you higher in rankings. Whatever may be the reason, SEO will take time as your competitors to are likely doing SEO.

How the process of accumulation helps you to achieve the desired result?

Many companies would like to have one -time optimization. But one-time optimization would not fetch you the desired result. Your website needs regular content updates, link acquisition, and on-site optimization. One-time optimization can give a nice little boost but it won’t give you the desired result for the long run.

Explained why does SEO takes so long

What do we need to do?

Monthly SEO services to get rewarded with better visibility. It’s a matter of quality along with quantity that will put your company in good faith with google. 

Once the foundation is done, it is far easier to see results. It’s not the quick pace that matters to get success but sustainability. Your online visibility must give a lasting impression over the period.

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