SEO Specialist

You need SEO specialist to boost your website visitors

SEO Specialist
SEO Specialist

Who is SEO Specialist?

SEO Specialist is a professional or an agency or a company who has years of experience in doing SEO works on actual project live websites. SEO Specialists follows every guidelines stated by search engines to follow on the clients or projects websites, whereas the main intention to appoint SEO Specialist is to get good rankings on search engines like Google Yahoo Bing etc with more organic traffic.

Search engine optimization is a significant part of digital marketing which improves your site’s visibility and higher ranking. In other words, the process of getting traffic from free, organic and editorial search results on search engines like Google, Bing, and yahoo. 

It’s a marketing process to enhance the visibility of your website by making changes to your website design and content that makes your site more attractive to the search engine. While considering various factors, SEO is certainly a complex process, but the basic process is simple and is not difficult to understand. In simple terms, search engine optimization makes sure that your site ranks in the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases.

How SEO Specialist make your site appear in search engines

You might be thinking how SEO can make your site visible on search engines like GoogleYahoo or Bing. Users or people always love great content which in turn encourages them to link to your pages and shows Google™ your pages are interesting. 

This is the reason for the success of a site on various search engines because Google™ wants to show interesting relevant and authoritative pages in its search result. SEO follows mainly three simple steps for better search results. Firstly, the content should be fantastic with useful, relevant and precise phrases used by people. Secondly, making the site easy sharing and linking. Lastly, keep on doing it.

SEO Specialist
SEO Specialist

Let’s make it more for easy understanding through above diagram
When someone makes a searches
What they search for – search terms
What search engines do- search engine sends out crawlers which follow the link and find your webpage using data and keywords
What’s the work of crawlers– Crawlers move between pages to build a picture of types of content and keywords and save the information in a worldwide index.

Role of SEO Specialist in this search

An search engine optimization expert goes through the keyword research to uncover the words and phrases people use for searching for your products and then integrate them into your website. They know exactly how Google finds and indexes content and ensures the website’s easy discovery. So it’s very much important for business owners to seek out companies who will get a better return on investment by adopting a process of optimization.

Techmark India A well-known SEO company who embraces the following process

It employs best practices Works in tandem with the constantly changing market and ranking algorithms Avoid any questionable practice that can run you into trouble. These following process helps any SEO company to keep their cost structures down, productivity up, and their outcomes superior.

Techmark India uses the right tools to improve productivity and outcomes

Webmaster and analytic tools – which provide feedback on a website’s configuration, health, and traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools – it lets you distinguish issues with issues your webpage and can even update you regarding malware existence in your site.

Keyword toolskeyword is one of the most important parts of any content in your pages and posts, to get rank and index on Google. It helps Search engine optimization to discover words and phrases used by people for your products and services.

Competitive analysis tools: A tool that helps in tracking competitors’ search rankings, content, social mentions, emails, and any other tactics that boost business. There are many tools like Alexa that allows tracking of global web traffic. Similarly, there is SE ranking which helps to monitor competitors’ search rankings on any engine or infinigraph that tracks trends in social media circles. There are also monitor backlinks that have made a recent entry in the market.

Website Analysis

Editing tools-This tool is mainly used to create and edit web pages. This tool helps in optimizing content for the web and focuses on calculating your search engine optimization score as well. It gives valuable feedback on how to improve the content of the web page, page titles, meta descriptions and so on..

Link building tools: This tool helps in discovering link acquisition opportunities. Some of the great link building tools are majestic, ahrefs, pitchbox, buzzSumo,ontolo.

Reporting tools help in streamlining progress measurement and improvements over time.

What Tecmark India offers to Clients 

Think yourself as a customer and as a customer, what do you want from an SEO company? You would like to know; how many websites are linking to your website and where those links are coming from. What’s the nature of the link? Are all internal links, coming from your website or sourced from low authority sources? As a customer, you won’t like to see analytics showing traffic, this month vs last month.

This can be misleading because Google changes the rules daily. Techmark India is there to answer your queries. Techmark India’s high skilled specialist helps not only building search engine optimization services but also website designing, redesigning marketing and promoting existing ones.