Website SEO Optimizer

How to get traffic from free, organic and editorial search results on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Website SEO Optimizer
Website SEO Optimizer

What is Website SEO Optimizer

Website SEO Optimizer is an SEO agency, an SEO Company or an SEO Expert who effectively optimize your website content on various search engine like GoogleBing etc by observing all the necessary guidelines mentioned by search engine sites.

Search Engine Optimization – A process of getting traffic from free, organic and editorial search results on search engines like Google, Bing, and yahoo. It’s a marketing process to enhance the visibility of your website by making changes to your website design and content that makes your site more attractive to the search engine. 

While considering various factors, SEO is certainly a complex process, but the basic process is simple and is not difficult to understand. In simple terms, search engine optimisation makes sure that your site ranks in the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases.

Website SEO Optimizer
Website SEO Optimizer

Why website SEO Optimizer required?

Website SEO Optimizer is required because it can drive more content-focused traffic and visitors to your website resulting in increased new visitors, brand building and many other benefits, the benefits it offers are not easy to ignore. Improving search engine optimization not only increases its visibility on search engines but also attracts potential customers. SEO-focused content always increases the chances of bringing in more targeted organic traffic. 

Suppose you have an article on “agricultural drones”. What will SEO do here? To get your content more visibility in front of the right people, it will optimize your blog post, so that it will show up as a top result. So when someone searches for the phrase “agricultural drones”, then your blog post will come up as a top result.

Google dominates among search engines but doesn’t ignore Yahoo and Bing

Though Google is responsible for the maximum of the search engine traffic in the world you can’t ignore Yahoo or Bing. It can’t be denied that Google plays the dominant role, but best practice is always to make sure your content to rank in other search engines as well.

A glimpse on how Google determines which pages to return in response to searchers quest

Google always looks for pages with high-quality and relevant information and this relevance is determined by crawling. Crawling or reading determines whether the content is valuable or relevant to what searcher is looking for, based on the keywords and also determines the quality of the website by a number and quality of other websites that link to a page and site as a whole.

SEO Optimizer
SEO Optimizer

Why choose Techmark India?

Techmark India is a Website SEO Optimizer, digital marketing and design agency specializes in search engine optimization, not only optimize your website but also builds trust and credibility. They establish a strong foundation for a beautiful website with a clean, effective user experience that is easily discover able in search. Get in touch with us now!

Top 6 valuable tips by Techmark India on how to optimize your pages and posts for maximum traffic

  1. Right keywords: Do you want to make Google understand, what your content is all about? Then focus on the right keyword. And focus on one keyword per article. While publishing content, any SEO plugin requires you to choose a focus keyword, so that you use it appropriately in that content. Now you have to focus on what the searcher is looking for and expecting to find when they search for those words in Google. This step has got the term “user intent”.

    For example, if you want to sell a Witcher 3D t-shirt then you will use words like buy 3D witcher T-shirt, to rank for keywords. And if you are an affiliate marketer, you can focus on keywords like best 3D Witcher t-shirts. If you want to know more about keyword research and user intent then check this also choosing the right keywords for SEO.While choosing a keyword for your blog posts, you have to keep eye on keyword difficulty. You can use this free tool to find the keyword difficulty AdWords Keyword Tool or Ahrefs gives insights into the estimated number of clicks for the keywords.

  2. Focusing on long tail keywords: It is three or four-phase keywords that precisely specify what you are selling. Like the example, 3D Witcher t-shirt. Now add more phrases like 3D witcher black T-shirt or 3D Witcher black cotton T-shirt. Guess which one will get high conversion. Of course, long tail keywords. So, if you can match the search intent of a searcher with the content, then Bingo. You are sure to rank high. For long-tail keywords, you can depend on Ahrefs.

  3. Always use keywords in the title and subheadings: Never to stuff your keywords to manipulate your site’s ranking and always use the primary keyword and its different variations in your content’s heading tags.

  4. Go for impressive titles and meta descriptions: Avoid your title and meta description get cut off in google because your searcher needs a complete idea of your content. Don’t use keywords in title and description and always try to be natural.

  5. Website Responsiveness: It’s important that your site also works well on mobile devices, even if most of your traffic is on desktop and to ensure its mobile compatibility, use a responsive WordPress theme.

  6. Blog Optimization: Always optimize your blog to show up in featured snippets.