SEO Marketing vs SEM Marketing

Difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Difference between SEO marketing and SEM marketing
Difference between SEO marketing and SEM marketing

SEO Marketing vs SEM Marketing - Different for sure!

We will see difference between SEO marketing and SEM marketing. Search Engine Optimisation is a set of rules for optimising your website’s visibility and ranking in higher order. A perfect medium to enhance not only its quality but also making it more user-friendly. If you go by generic term then it can be considered as the complete framework consisting of several rules, several stages and set of controls.

Now comes Search Engine Marketing SEM. though the aim of both the process is the same that is to increase the visibility of a website and higher ranking, the way of function of both is different. SEO is all about optimisation of a website to make it more visible in the organic search results whereas Search engine marketing goes beyond that.

It involves methods that are different from organic search. Its subset of overall digital marketing. Below is the diagram showing the relationship between search engine optimisation and search engine marketing.

Difference between SEO marketing and SEM marketing

The main difference between SEO marketing and SEM marketing is that Search Engine Marketing SEM is part of Digital Marketing and SEO Marketing falls under SEM Marketing, Online PR and Social Media Marketing SMM.

Following diagram clearly shows the difference and role of each SEO and SEM in digital marketing

SEO Marketing vs SEM Marketing

SEO Marketing vs SEM Marketing
SEO Marketing vs SEM Marketing

Now comes the question is which one is better? Because of both aims at enhancing website visibility through ranking. If we compare both we will find search engine optimization depends on an organic search that can get free traffic 24/7 and industry recognition whereas search engine marketing is paid to advertise.

In a nutshell search engine marketing is paid advertising. But how to do it the right way? Techmark India will guide you in your search for the right marketing. Techmark India will share some tips and strategies for doing search engine marketing rightly.

First, We Will Start With Keywords-The Foundation of Search Engine Marketing

sem marketing
SEM Marketing

A user always enters keywords into search engines to find out the answers to their queries. So the keyword is the foundation of search engine marketing. First, comprehensive research has to be done as part of a keyword management strategy.

Identify the keywords that are relevant to the business and which the prospective customers search for the products and services and it can be accomplished by using WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool. Free Keyword Tool provides a wide range of valuable information.

To enter a keyword that’s relevant to the business and see related keyword suggestion ideas that form the basic foundation of various search engine marketing campaigns. 

The second important step is to account for structuring. Account structure helps to achieve higher click-through rates, lower costs-per-click, and generally stronger overall performance. 

Techmark India suggests, accounts like AdWords and Bing Ads should be structured in the following way to get maximum results. 

The Third Step includes, How the Ad action works

Advertisers identify keywords they want to bid on and state their expenditure limit for per click to have their ads appear alongside results relating to those keywords. It is Google who determines the keywords which have been on bid are within the periphery of the user’s search query to enter into the ad auction.

The next step consists of “winning “the ad auction. While determining the placement of ads on the SERP, a variety of factors are taken into account. It’s not necessary that every single ad will feature on every single search but two factors matter which Google considers as part of the ad auction process. 

One is the maximum bid and the Quality Score. Quality score is one of the most crucial metrics search marketers can focus on. 
Ad position at lower costs can be achieved if the quality scores are high.

Trends in SEM for the year 2020

Artificial Intelligence

Digital marketing is constantly evolving with improving available tools and offering possibilities that brands offer according to the preference of the customers. One such is artificial intelligence which is applicable in medicine, logistics, education, and marketing. Life of the human being is processed and has been digitalis and the huge data that are difficult to process by the human being is now efficiently handled by this technology.


In the world of the marketing these are some of the applications of artificial intelligence that will be trending in 2020 and will follow SEM

  1. Discovery of new audiences and demographic data
  2. predictive analysis
  3. Personification of email marketing


A technology that is capable of learning on its own through big data. In 2019, Google went through a huge and magnificent change with full of novelties and management of its campaigns. Improvements are exclusively based on an algorithm and the way of campaigning. 

The developments are changing in phrase concordance and broad modified. Google announced that search queries other than the established keyword will be accepted as long as if they carry the same meaning. The investment involved will be in the hand of Google. 

Then under smart strategies for application campaign users will be able to bid for a return on the targeted advertising investment.

Local campaigns go beyond the online and its main objective is to maximize the visits of potential customers. The monthly investment of campaigns remains in the hand of Google. Smart strategies enable the user to bid for a return on the targeted advertising investment.