Website SEO Analysis

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Website SEO Analysis
Website SEO Analysis

SEO is all about enhancing the site’s visibility and branding but before starting SEO for a site, extensive Website SEO Analysis has to be done which is mainly done by an expert. This analysis is known as website SEO analysis

This analysis is mainly done to understand the site because just looking at it won’t help you to know about the content of the website or in other words the purpose of the website. A mere glimpse won’t give you the details or purpose of the website. The analysis gives the clarity such as which part of your site needs the improvement and in what way it can be improved.

The analysis consists of two sections. One is before setting strategy and another one is after setting strategy. The second part is to keep track of the strategy which has been implemented. 

The analysis is done by an expert or professional and while analyzing various tools can be used which are available online. Some are free while for some you must pay. Some are popular among them like Google’s Webmaster Tools

There are some other tools such as SEMrush, Woorank, Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider, Check My Links. So, it’s all up to you to choose anyone according to your needs and if you are new to this or just want to do it yourself then always choose simple and straight to the point software. Tecmark India helps in SEO analysis of websites.

Importance of Website SEO Analysis

Website SEO Analysis
Website SEO Analysis

In order to determine a website’s strengths and weakness SEO analysis is a must. While performing analysis several tools are required to do intricate research of the website coupled with keyword rankings, traffic and other aspects of SEO strategy.

Well, there is a manual option by using StatCounter’s metrics but there are tools to do the analysis faster. Of course, the combination of both that is StatCounter’s metrics and tools will allow monitoring website traffic more efficiently besides enhancing the performance of the site by boosting its visibility but the analysis will dive deeper into the metrics and access websites backlink portfolio.

Points Must be Taken Care of While Performing the Website SEO Analysis

For analysis of a website following points you should remember like while conducting the research, a lot of statistical data is collected on like how many people looking for the exact keyword or about your competitor’s performance.

Besides all these, you get information about the bounce rate, duplicate content, navigation load speed, and web stat program. Statistical data is one such important part of website analysis and is enormous as well which covers all these aspects.

Looking for specific keyword

Keyword Research

Next is looking for a specific keyword. The longer the better. More detailed and long keywords mean better rank. In other words, it is also termed as keyword research.

The keyword performance report includes the difficulty to rank, competitor’s keywords and monthly searches. Digital experts in Techmark India do extensive research in selecting keywords to increase the traffic.

Website Analysis
Website Analysis
SEO Analysis
SEO Analysis

Internal Linking

What crawlers will index when they read the site as well as several pages indexed, the broken links and when was the last time site has been crawled by search engines all will be shown by detailed and customized simulation. Besides all these mentioned above, the analysis also contains site layout, spammy links, social media integration, site design, pages without content, use of meta description and alt text for images.

A doubt may arise that why do we need the analysis. The fact is that this analysis helps to point out the weakness and strengths of your website. It’s like jotting down ’things to do’ on firsthand experience before starting the actual work. Thus, the analysis helps to enhance the site’s ranking and start generating more leads. At the same time, it highlights the strong aspects which can help the site to grow.

Example of internal linking: In this website, On this page if you click here on Contact Us link then it is called as internal linking, because this link of Contact Us is taking you to this website internally and not externally so this is an example of Internal Linking.

Tips that are Helpful in Website SEO Analysis

While analyzing a website several aspects have to be taken into consideration like page load speed test, keyword rankings, keyword research tools, and backlink portfolio. Data is the king. But the king needs a crown.

There is no other alternative to that. A site ‘s success depends on its content. But the success gets amplified if analysis of the site done properly. Content needs to be gotten highlighted and Tecmark India experts can do that, that is need of the proper traffic so that it gets maximum visibility which in turn generates leads.

So, to get maximum traffic use a combination of tools. One tool may be better than the other but together they could provide helpful insight. The next important point is to mark your competitors. To get success it is mandatory to identify probable competitors.

A good idea about competitors helps to concise the strategies and prepare you mentally to see who you are up against. Every business should have an online presence, likewise, every business must have Twitter and Facebook profile and these profiles need to be updated regularly. So keep on posting and engage your customers.