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As an SEO Agency from Pune, we provide our SEO services in Mumbai, India and across the world.

best seo agency india
Best SEO Agency India

Looking for the best SEO agency in Pune INDIA, Techmark India is a top SEO Agency in India and can do effective SEO using top SEO techniques for your website. If you’re considering hiring an SEO agency for the first time or looking for a new agency then start by taking an honest and critical look at your own website. 

Driving traffic itself won’t help your website performance, you need to follow through with a site that converts well and we can help you do that. Stay away from cheap and dirty SEO agencies because many customers are initially driven by the budget and these cheap agencies just take your money and don’t maintain the same. Google is smart there really are no safe shortcuts you’ll only get cut short really!

You need to consider how much more revenue you think that you could achieve with however much more traffic you want to generate if you consider the impact of ten percent increase say in your traffic could make on your site’s current conversion rate and then consider another say ten percent increase in conversion rate that’s a significant growth in revenue from a search that you could be missing out on right now.

It’s a good time to mention that you really shouldn’t be focusing on rankings solely at this point ultimately you’re probably approaching an SEO agency (Us) so you can acquire and retain more customers online so make that the metric.

Strong SEO foundation is the pillar of your web presence online

If you want long-term success there are no quick tricks that we will provide to bring your site to the top position.

SEO Agency India
SEO Agency India

Structured Improvement of your website position through our SEO Agency

We provide Google Search Console and your Google analytics data in addition to technical analysis of your website once you start its SEO with us. We give priority to improvements with the following structure

1 The problem
2 The proposed solution
3 An estimate of the general investment In other words the time, energy, money, which it takes for the factors to implement the improvements and for Google Search and your customers to recognize these improvements, an SEO agency specialist should be able to speak with your developers in order to understand if there are technical constraints
4 Estimate a positive impact in terms of Business The impact could be an improvement of positions, which can bring more visitors
5 A plan on how to induce and improve implementations or maybe how to experiment and fail quickly, should result in not meeting expectations.

Role of SEO Agency - How we go about your site for effective Search Engine Optimisation

In the technical SEO analysis, we review your site for reasons related to internal Linking Readability from Google bot Parameters, URL Connectivity, server Codes Response etc, If we find, the fact that your website has problems with duplicate content then we will inform you that in advance , we will also show you any specific urls with which we compete for the same keywords.

Our aim is always at long-term health of your site and not initial growth because there are a lot of duplicate contents but often these are not problems pressing your search potential for SEO. We will divide your keywords into 2 categories Branded and Unbranded terms. 

Branded terms are those where your brand or site name is mentioned like a search for “Gmail” is a Branded term, a search for “Email” is an unbranded term. We make sure that for “Branded” keywords like GMAIL your website is providing a great user experience that allows customers who know your brand and website to easily find exactly what they need online they need and potentially convert.

Again we will also recommend improvements that can support the entire user experience from what the user sees on the search results to when they click on the result and use your site. We will also introduce ideas such as updating obsolete content we will also tell you, where your site is suffering  and why some your content that ranks well is out of date and browsing is bad.

We prioritise ideas that can bring the greatest improvement to the job for the least investment AND which improvements can bring the most time But help growth in the long run Once we talk to.

Potential of your website with an SEO Agency

It is important to note that the potential of an SEO Agency is only worth in relation to the value of your work on the web.  So good SEO Agency helps your site does its best. So that it positions itself appropriately.

At a point where your potential customers expect to see your site, we as a SEO Agency also wants to aim to improve the entire user experience and we do it very carefully. Give results on the Google ranking up to a potential conversion we also recommend you the best practices to create a site that ranks from basic concepts such as descriptive page titles for a small business blog to more complex things like language markers for a global and multilingual website.

We make sure that your site provides a correct user experience your customers. Especially those that come from search engine searches and that your site is helpful whether you use a Desktop Computer or a Phone, in most cases an SEO will need from 2-4 months to help your company implement, improvements.

We strongly recommend AGAINST the use of purchasing Links with the aim of improving are positioning A basic rule is that in most cases Doing what’s right for SEO Corresponds to doing what’s good for your online customers rather we strongly recommend having a mobile friendly site, a good navigation and  create a great brand. 

In addition If you own an established brand, with a complicated obsolete system Good practices for optimizing a site for search engines, include paying off some of your technical debts.