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How SEO works

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We’ll cover how SEO works and how you can use it to increase traffic. One of the best ways to create content is to optimize your site for search engines

How SEO Works - The Process

Before we start on how search engine optimization seo works, let us make a quick tour on how search engines work. Search engines have three primary functions. The first is crawling. The second is Indexing and the third one is ranking. 

In crawling, search engines send out a team of robots. These robots are known as crawlers or spiders. The function of these robots is to find out new and updated content. Content can be a webpage, a PDF, or a video, whatever be the format, it must be discovered by links.

Role of Robots or Crawlers in how SEO works on Google

Robots or crawlers follow the links on those webpages to find out new URLs. By following these links, crawlers can find out new content and add it to their index named Caffeine. 

Caffeine is a massive database of discovered URLs. When a searcher is seeking information, these stored data can be retrieved, if the content on the URL is a good match for.

How SEO Works
How SEO Works

The second function is the indexing – Search engines process store these massive databases of discovered URLs. A huge database that is considered good enough to serve up to searchers.

The third function is ranking- When a searcher performs a search, search engines order most relevant content to solve searcher’s query. This process of ordering by relevance is known as ranking. 

So, you can assume the higher the ranking of a website, the more relevant the search engines believe that site is to the query. This is how search engines work.

What is search engine optimization and what is its role?

Search Engine Optimization is a method where maximum traffic can be obtained from free, organic and editorial search results on search engines like Google, Bing, and yahoo.

Before we check on how SEO works, To boost the visibility of the website it is one of the most trusted methods by creating changes to your pages, website style and content that makes the site more interesting and attractive. Though it is a fancy method the actual method is easy to grasp or in other words, it is not tough.

Search engine optimization makes any website ranking higher and it enhances its visibility with the help of relevant keywords and phrases. But all search engines are not equal. Beginners in SEO may wonder about the importance of any particular search engine.

They may question, why not to optimize for Bing, Yahoo or any other search engines. The truth is, why the SEO community pays attention to Google as vast majority of people do web search on Google.

How SEO works on your website

Certain methods are adopted by the SEO community to gain more traffic and visibility of a website and higher rankings on search engines. How exactly search engine optimization works? It mainly works on a few basic principles.

Links: Links play an important role since the earliest days of SEO and is one of the strong indicators of a website’s superb performance. So, link building is one of the necessary parts of search engine optimization efforts.

The relevance of optimized content: Links and contents are intertwined. Good content attracts links but content needs links to boost the ranking of a site in search results which in turn drive traffic to a content piece. To come on the first page on google you need links to your well-optimized content. SEO depends on links and content.

How can you optimize content?

What is the term “optimization” means? Optimizing content means, crafting a content. For crafting it requires keywords. Searching for relevant keywords that are relevant to the content. 

Keywords still matter to Google. However, instead of scanning a page for “keyword appearance”, crawlers now analyze the context and secondary keywords that share the searcher’s intent. URLs, H1 tags, ALT attributes, meta descriptions, and tiles matter the most

For content quality always go through Google’s search quality guidelines.

User experience (UX): it is one of the most critical parts of search engine optimization because figuring out where your site lacks from the user experience perspective is quite tough. 

User experience depends on too many factors like site infrastructure and layout, content, etc. So, besides search engine optimization you need to work with UX professionals to provide digital experience at each stage of a customer’s journey. The main objective is to turn leads and traffics into conversions and goals.

Trends in SEO

Search engine optimization is working on optimizing website content for mobile users and accelerating page speed because google recommends responsive design.

Voice search: A report by Northstar Research suggests that 55% of U.S teens and 41% of U.S. adults use voice search. So, it is high time to start optimizing for voice search

Secret of SEO

It’s a combination of multiple methods and then analyze the results. Every search engine optimization would love to find the magic formula with specific rules and concrete equations that could explain how search engine optimization works, but unfortunately, search engine optimization is too complex to fit into a specific formula. 

Though it works on three basic principles discussed above, still, constant permutation and the combination is needed due to Google’s latest algorithm update and what your competitors are doing. This is how search engine optimization works.

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