About Us

We provide end-to-end services in the field of SEO and Web Design.

Techmark India is a full-spectrum SEO Agency, we provide end-to-end services in the field of SEO and Web Design. We are located on Paud Road, Pune INDIA

At Techmark India we really focus a lot on operational excellence it’s very important to translate operational excellence into practical action we have a team of Google certified SEO agents working on the latest technology, We have a very innovative team of digital marketing and we have a large pool of resources who provide virtual assistants in more than 10 different business areas. 

We follow only the suggested technics to use SEO for your website which are guided by Google and we obey all terms and conditions suggested by Google. We don’t use any kind of shady technics as used by many SEO agencies in the market for getting quick results on Google but as we know this will, in turn, returns in the result of blocking your complete website on Google by Google itself.

SEO – Search engine optimization is the key to take your business to amazing heights however, SEO can be a minefield as well if you do not pick the right SEO agency. As an SEO agency, Techmark India can help you in ways like 1. Rank your website prominently on search engine result pages or SERPs 2. Offer more visibility to your website 3. Ensure more number of visitors resulting in proper business leads and so 

Our Strength

We are Experienced SEO Agency

We use the best technology available in the marketplace, but our main strength lies in the knowledge and insights of our people. We have dedicated project managers for each project and a separate quality team to make sure that deliverables are met with 100% clients expectations. 

SEO for website

We started Techmark India  in 2014 with two people and we are serving to more than 70 clients with wide services including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization),SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing)

We have the best domain experts of the industry working with us you keep on exploring our minds thought processes so as to come with some unique ideas that are very important for our business development and growth our commitment to operational excellence has helped lot of clients to achieve their goals in terms of polishing our analytical and research skill we always feel free to interact amongst each other so that we can deliver best bits and pieces to our clients. Marketing is no longer one-way street you get what you give and through videos

Techmark is a trusted partner because we help our clinets achieve their targets in a better faster and more cost-effective and everything we do is for the customers. If we don’t believe that, what we’re doing will add any value to the customer we don’t do it, the most important thing is to learn, we learn from every project we do and always try to achieve the next level this has now become a part of our culture.