SEO Company Services Agency

Great success rate, ranking hundreds of keywords on Google SERPs since a decade. If you require your products or services keywords on Google, we are here for you.

Techmark India is an SEO Company Services Agency Pune INDIA, we provide end-to-end services in the field of SEO and Web Design. We are located in Pune, INDIA.

At Techmark India we really focus a lot on operational excellence it’s very important to translate operational excellence into practical action we have a team of Google certified SEO agents working on the latest technology, We have a very innovative team of digital marketing and we have a large pool of resources who provide virtual assistants in more than 20 different business areas. 

We follow only the suggested Technics to use SEO for your website which are guided by Google and we obey all rules suggested by Google. We don’t use any kind of shady Technics as used by many seo agencies in the market for getting quick results on Google but as we know this results in blocking of your entire website on Google.

Built to increase your traffic on Google

Role of a SEO Company Services Agency

As SEO Company, we boost your website with SEO Services as an SEO Agency

SEO company services agency
SEO Company Services Agency

Improved Title and Description

Use of most important characters and keywords to get the most out of your website, to be there on Google

SEO company services agency
SEO Company Services Agency

Boost under performing Pages

Sorting of non performing pages with respect to products / services and boost them with necessary changes

SEO company services agency
SEO Company Services Agency

Refresh existing Content

Content is the king! Thorough research on existing content and making it neatly accurate to be on Google 

SEO company services agency
SEO Company Services Agency

Internal Linking

Links are most important, linking necessary inter-relation between the products/services and letting Google know it.

seo pyramid
SEO Pyramid
white hat SEO steps
White hat SEO Inclusions
What We Do

SEO Agency Services

SEO for Website

3.5 billion searches are performed on Google every single day. Seriously, no matter what you do, people are looking for your products and services on Google

SEO Analysis

H1 H2 Auditing SEO current and new, missing check up of required tags. Use of Google insights

SEO Marketing

As of today there are over 130 million registered websites out there on the internet to sort through all of it most of us rely on search engines..

SEO Expert

It’s not about doing SEO just because it makes money. It’s about love. We truly love SEO, we wanna learn it continuously, its timely updates from google, we wanna get good at it and we are putting necessary time to be an SEO expert. 

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What we have achieved

Our Success

More than hundred project completed successfully

Its simple – hard work results in happy clients! We put in everything that aimed to get our client the best possible exploration in SERPs with their respective products or services.

Keywords ranked 99%
Increased web page traffic 96%
Use of long tail keywords 99%
Zero site block from Google 100%
Organic presence of a new business 95%
It helped our organization resulting in increased traffic and increased enquiries. Now we don't advertise on any local business directories.
My prime keywords are ranked within first two pages of Google and it is helping me in more lead generation. Thank you Upendra